Speaking at Ashes 2 BeautyAshes2Beauty

I was one of two speakers to present at Ashes2Beauty, Inc’s first Day of Pampering Event. Kelley Alsobrook, pictured, is the Founder of Ashes2Beauty, Inc and it was her vision to provide women who’ve suffered abuse in any form to experience a complete day of pampering. This included manicures, hair design, make up artistry, before and after photos, food and fellowship. Megan Mottley, Author of The Glamour Girl Movement, gave a wonderful presentation on embracing your inner and outer beauty. Yolanda Gates (Quiet Storm) delivered a very moving spoken word piece. Kudos to Tiffany Smith-Cook, her glamour team and to every person who volunteered their time and talents.

I shared my insights as a  survivor and advocate, offering words of encouragement and support to the attendees. My goal was to share with them that no matter where they may be in their situation (still in it, thinking of leaving or already gone) there’s hope, safety and tangible resources available. The road to transition is not an easy one, but it is attainable. I do not measure my survival success in terms of dollars, but in my determination to take each day as it comes, knowing that every day will not be an easy day, but each day has hope and promise.