My next workshop is Dec 8th, but here’s a little tidbit worth sharing now. I’m much more comfortable about asking ppl to buy a product/service from me than when I was asking for a loan to pay my bills. Some of you are scared to tell people about your business. You’re too embarrassed. You just started. You scared of what folks will say about it. Or, you think because you talked about it 3 months ago, folks are supposed to remember & you get mad when they support someone doing what you do or something similar.

I made a point to support as many as I could because they shared, and I still have a few other ppl for later. If you are consistent, confident, and passionate about what you do, the opportunities you seek WILL come. YOU must show up for YOU first. Everyone will not want what you have to offer. Someone does & will buy. If you never let Anyone know what what you’re doing, No one will ever get the opportunity to know that what you have is just the blessing they were looking for.