Unleash YouI had the pleasure of participating in a three day tele-summit entitled Unleash You in 2016: Living on Purpose, Maximizing Your Life. This was my second time participating in a tele-summit, and I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. I was given the opportunity to go into a deep discussion about what the title means to me and how it correlates with the work that I do. It was also an opportunity to hear from other speakers, all women, who shared their own perspectives. It was hosted by Patricia Wright who is a coaching specialist/strategist. It was a great opportunity for me personally and professionally. I learned a great deal from the other speakers, and I received positive feedback regarding my own presentation.

In short, I shared that when I hear the word leash, I think of something that is being confined or constricted. I think of dog and cat owners who have their pets on leashes for the purposes of walking them without allowing them to run freely until they are in an environment that is safe for them to do so. The leash also helps the pet owner to walk them at their own pace rather than the pace that the pet may wish to do so. To be unleashed, for me, is to be free to do what I want, when I want and how I want. Living on purpose and maximizing my life has given me the chance to learn more about who I am, what I want/need and establish what my life’s purpose is to be. As a survivor of abuse, I get to live that life to its fullest potential and not feel confined to the ideas, goals and lifestyle of other people and their expectations for me. I’ve even unleashed the fear and doubt that I once had about my own life and expectations that I had for myself due to an inaccurate, well established self fulfilling prophecy.

I challenge each of you to find your purpose, live your lives to its fullest potential and unleash whoever or whatever may be stopping you from being your very best you. It’s not too late to start unleashing, forgiving and loving yourself and those around you. Give yourself permission to be free. Understand that we all make mistakes, but that you shouldn’t allow yourself or other to suffocate you with reminders of those mistakes. Have an outstanding 2016, knowing that each day will bring you new challenges, adventures, valley moments and peaks. They all serve a purpose. Live your life on purpose and maximize your life, today and everyday going forward.