What a great way to end 2021! I gave the Commencement Address for The Health Institute’s Fall Graduation for their Nursing and Phlebotomy graduates. It was indeed an honor to share my experiences, provide hope, encouragement and a call to action for not only the graduates, but those who attended in support of these amazing students. I am thankful to every single person who felt I was the best fit, and the energy and love I received are feelings I will forever treasure.

Someone told me in my teens that I would make a great nurse because I enjoyed working with people, community service, and they are paid well. I always knew that was something I’d never explore. I went through a period of constant illness in my teens and early adulthood. The sight of needles often made me feel physically ill and I was often nervous at the thought of yet another doctor’s appointment. While I experienced a few doctors and nurses who were not so kind and professional, most of them were great, knew what they were doing, and put my mind and body at ease. Nursing takes a combination of knowledge. professionalism, and compassion. I love people, but I am too nervous and terrified of needles for me AND the patient to be terrified when it comes to treatment!lol