Last week, I had the opportunity to speak multiple nights for Family Vacation Bible School which was hosted by Nigerian Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lithonia, GA. The organizers were very intentional about wanting to make sure parents were given information on a variety of subjects. Financial literacy, nutrition and healthy relationships were among the topics discussed. I am glad to have had the opportunity to discuss children and safety one night and domestic violence a 2nd night.

It is very important to me that we address child sexual abuse and molestation with our children as well as domestic violence at an early age. I’ve discussed both topics a number of times in church settings. However, this was the first time I’ve ever done it at a vacation bible school, and I think it’s great! Many of our communities are saturated with places of worship. I truly believe it’s a perfect place and opportunity for awareness, education and support. The parents were interactive and asked a lot of questions. Each time I’m able to present is an honor, and I’m extremely grateful to everyone responsible for having me attend what was an outstanding vacation bible school for the children as well as the parents.