Currently, HuffPost is doing a 25 city tour called Listen To America. Reporters are traveling and taking the time to listen to the citizens of each chosen city. Stop #4 was right here in Memphis. I was asked what I was doing in Memphis. I shared my thoughts in a 45 second voice recording and had my photo taken. I am so pleased to share that my thoughts were one of several featured. The link is attached at the end of my blog post.

You all have no idea how cool it was to wake up Sunday morning and see an email from HuffPost that included my name, my thoughts and my actual recorded voice. So many things I wish I’d said in hindsight. But, the most important thing I wanted to say is the very thing I did say. That is wanting to be found helping survivors of abuse to find ways to heal. Through our nonprofit, Walking Into A New Life, Inc. as well as my personal speaking and training efforts as my own brand, I’d like to believe in my own way, I am making a difference in the lives of others. Here’s what me and a few others had to say about Memphis and why we are here.

Photo Credit: Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post