Networking and servant leadership does not always have to look or be perfect. But it does always need to be done with sincere purpose. This was taken about 3 weeks ago. It was my first time setting up a full vendor space in nearly 18 months. I just grabbed my ‘vending gear’ and went to the event. I failed to pack the additional proper table cloths and other accessories I usually have on hand for community events. I didn’t neatly put my earbuds, the bags, or boxes out of sight for the photo or during the time that attendees stopped by the table. And you know what, none of that mattered to a single person I met.

This is an appropriate place to share this because advocacy is a major part of the ‘why’ for starting my business. And as business owners, nonprofit leaders, etc., solving the problem and fulfilling the needs of those whom you serve is far more important than how pretty or well put together the staging looks. Next time, I will make a point to have all the things I am accustomed to having, but the servant leadership, passion, and professionalism for which I do what I do will remain the same.