Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 exceeded your expectations. It was definitely a year of peaks and valleys for me. Overall, I am grateful, thankful and appreciative of the journey. I will share more about those in a different post.

It’s officially 2018. And, many of us have been guilty of making resolutions over the years which, in many cases, end up going unfulfilled for one reason or another. I will lose 25 lbs. I will get married. I will buy a new house or car. I will exercise more. Any of these sound familiar? They all sound great. They are usually declared with good intentions. But, intentions and implementation are two totally different things. I ask you to consider NOT making any resolutions this year. Instead, consider goal setting as an alternative.

Goal setting is not the same as making a resolution. Goal setting consists of declaring an action and then, putting steps in place to ensure you meet those goals. It’s more intentional and carries more weight. There’s more of a sense of accountability and care associated with goal setting.

When setting goals, follow the KISS method-Keep It Short & Simple. Start with one or two personal or professional goals you’d like to meet. In the past, I’ve been guilty of having very lofty goals. I have grand ideas. And, while there’s nothing wrong with that, I have to be honest with myself about my ability to effectively execute them. I had to learn how to master the small steps and learn how to build a proper foundation. Practice makes perfect. By keeping my goals shorter and more realistic to my time and flexibility, I have been to master my goals MUCH better. It has given me the confidence I needed to try something else, then something else and still…something else.lol

If you’d like to gain a bit more clarity for your personal and/or professional life, check out the Work with Me section of my website. I’d love to help you develop your book or organization or help you gain clarity and confidence.