I cannot begin to tell you what a personal and professional honor it was to be the Keynote speaker for the NHBW, Inc. Dallas Chapter’s Women of Excellence Awards. To be in the company of so many prominent, professional and inspiring women of color from all walks of life is an opportunity I will always cherish. The food and entertainment was wonderful and everything was well planned.

I do not believe in coincidences. So, when I arrived and looked at the bios of each of the recipients, it made my address that much more personal. Each woman, in their own area of service, represented a woman who had supported me during my transition from victim to survivor to thriver of abuse and self sufficiency. I felt as though I started my journey alone. But, along the way, I met other women who would stand in the gap for me. It was extremely inspiring to see and know these women went above and beyond to do the same for others while maintaining some of the most high profile positions at their places of responsibility.

The National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc. is a nationally recognized organization founded by Dr. Arnita Young Boswell and 13 other spirited women in 1974. Fannie Lou Hamer is connected to and recognized as an NHBW, Inc. Shero. If you do not know about this amazing organization, I strongly urge you to please visit their website and learn how you can get involved at http://www.nhbwinc.com/history.html