I recently had a very long and candid conversation with someone who’s going through a difficult time in their lives. No matter how hard they try, nothing seems to be coming together. Positive affirmations don’t seem to work. Calling certain friends and family have resulted in voicemail or the ‘stay encouraged’ answer which, while meaningful, is actually not very encouraging at all. It seems there’s more month than money. They get up with a positive attitude, pray and do their absolute best to remain positive. Still, the doors of opportunity seem to remain shut. Is God or anybody listening to the outcry of help and support needed? Surely SOMEBODY is listening and willing to help.

How many of us have gone down this same path? You may be reading this and going through some things right now and wondering if anyone is listening to your problems. Does anybody even care? How do I overcome when I believe I’m doing everything right? Here are a couple of points I want you to consider.

Are you consistent? Think about it. Are you consistently praying and asking for support and assistance. Or, are you consistent in your complaining, pity parties and blaming others? It’s alright to have a pity party for a short time. But, the short time should be 5 to 10 minutes. Cry, scream-do whatever you need to do. After that, wash your face, say out loud how you’re ready to move forward (in whatever your personal words of encouragement are) and start again. It’s important to be consistent in your thanksgiving for your valleys as well as your peaks.

Who are you talking to? You cannot tell everyone what you’re going through. There are people who will pray for your deliverance and those who will pray for your demise. Put your pride and fear aside and let people know what you need. Just be mindful with whom you share your information. Ask. Ask. Ask. Talk to people who are doing what you’re doing and learn more about their successes and failure. Trust me. Successful people have failed at something in their lifetimes. Be intentional about connecting with the individuals and resources you need to move forward. It may be uncomfortable, but being in the position you’re in is not exactly comfortable either. You’re struggling to ask, so you don’t ask and remain in struggle mode. Evaluate where you are, consider the outcome and pick a struggle.

Make sure that you take a moment to listen to yourself and examine where you are. Keep pushing forward. Keep saying positive affirmations. Keep putting out positive energy. Keep smiling. Keep an attitude of gratitude. Ask for help. Understand that you will hear the word no. Don’t be discouraged by them. Be determined by them.