RGB Kwanzaa 2013Let me start by saying that I’m not trying to convince anyone of celebrating Kwanzaa anymore than I would tell someone to celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter or anything else. I believe that everyone should acknowledge every holiday and it’s rituals/traditions as it relates to their own personal values and beliefs. Having said that, I have come to have a real appreciation for Kwanzaa over the years. As this year is coming to a close, I find myself being more intentional about ensuring that I’m learning more about myself as a black woman in society, what I have to offer, what is being accepted/rejected and how my work plays a positive role in my community and society as a whole. I encourage everyone who reads this to at least think about the seven principles and if what you’re doing is helping or hurting your personal and professional path for holistic success and prosperity.

Umoja-Unity; Kujichagulia-Self Determination; Ujima-Collective Work and Responsibility; Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics; Nia-Purpose; Kuumba-Creativity and Imani-Faith

*Pictured is me after receiving the Kujichagulia award from RBG Entertainment as part of their 2013 Kwanzaa Pageant, which is a wonderful program hosted each year to showcase the beauty and talent of children.