Over the Labor Day weekend, I had the opportunity to encourage and educate the Whitehaven community about domestic violence at their Annual Community Festival. I am especially pleased to see a festival that is specific to not only having a good time for families, but also making sure it includes a social component. Unfortunately, domestic violence plagues communities around the world. In Memphis specifically, Whitehaven is among those ranked relatively high with regard to domestic violence incidents.

I wanted to make sure the attendees understood that Memphis reached a record number of homicides in 2016, with the two biggest reasons being cited as gang related activity and domestic violence. I also wanted them to be aware of the many services available, including the one I founded, Walking Into A New Life, Inc. Lastly, I wanted them to know they were hearing from someone who could understand what they may be dealing with as I am celebrating another year as a survivor myself.

Always know that you’re not alone. Help and resources are available. If you or someone you know is going through abuse, please contact your local police precinct or domestic violence agency. Learn more about our nonprofit, Walking Into A New Life, Inc. by visiting the website, www.wianl.org. And, if you’re in immediate danger, PLEASE CALL 911 ASAP.