Joyce at NOVA Microenterprise workshop (1024x569)

The 39th Annual NOVA Conference was recently held in Columbus, OH, with Joyce Parkinson, serving as a workshop presenter. Parkinson, who is a survivor of domestic abuse, is the Executive Director of Walking Into A New Life, Inc.  She found herself dealing with a number of barriers during her transition which left her feeling helpless and hopeless at times. With the help of friends, a lot of research and perseverance, she created a marketing company, JP Connections and started sharing her story of transition from victim to victorious. With a background in criminal justice, years of experience in social work and her own personal accounts, she has developed a curriculum noteworthy of sharing nationally, and has caught the attention of organizations locally. The official outline/launch is forthcoming.

NOVA (National Organization for Victims Assistance), is the longest national victim assistance organization of its type in the United States, having been founded in 1975. The conference is a four-day event, with hundreds of attendees from across the country who get together for a series of trainings and networking. This year’s conference was entitled “Implementing the Tools of Our Trade to Build a Comforting Justice”.

Parkinson’s workshop, entitled “Education, Microenterprise Development & Domestic Violence”, focused on best practices for educating advocates, businesses and organizations to better understand domestic violence and how to work with victims to become self-sufficient survivors. “It is easy to tell a person to leave. As advocates, we must also advise them on how to do it safely and equip them with some resources to help them with the transition. I want to help as many as possible to avoid many of the barriers that I encountered and walk into their new lives with confidence and hope.”