keep goingLife is full of adversities. For some, it’s domestic violence. For others, it may be poverty, illness or financial instability. And while each one is not unique on the surface, it is unique in how it affects your life and those around you. What I have learned is that no matter what life brings your way, you must find a way to still get up and keep going. You must find a way to show up and be present. Time will not wait. Life will continue to go forward and doesn’t stop because you’re going through crisis.

So, how do you show up? How do you keep going when it’s so much easier at times to just give up and give in? You ask for help. You put pride aside. You find a ‘why’ and stay focused on it. You stop worrying about what other people think. Ask yourself if other people’s thoughts are paying your bills, taking you to work, putting food in your refrigerator or encouraging you to give this day the best that you have to offer. Has pride put you in touch with health clinics and support groups who may offer assistance with the necessary treatment you need? Chances are, it hasn’t. Be clear about what you need and understand that faith without works is dead. Your ‘why’ has to be bigger than your unknown fear of failure. You have to have a confidence in your ‘why’ that is so strong that it propels you to work hard and smart.

Each day, we must do our very best to show up and do what we need to do in our personal and professional lives. Some days are easier than others. The key is in the mindset. Sometimes our physical health prohibits us from movement, but we must keep our minds strong. We must stay connected to positive people, music and literature. We must speak a positive affirmation over our lives daily and create tangible items that will keep us focused. It may be a vision board, keeping a journal or a computer/phone screen saver. Move away from social media a bit and show up in other platforms that may be more encouraging and engaging. Pray, meditate and concentrate daily. Be intentional in your plans to show up and make it a great day.