Daddy's Girl Conference

Hosted by Founders and Co-Hosts, Dr. Orlester and First Lady JoAnn Johnson, the Daddy’s Girls Conference focuses on raising awareness the impact and necessary role that fathers (daddies) play in the lives of their children. The conference also focuses on bringing help, hope, and healing to victims of abuse. This 3-night conference is held every year in September at the Greater Faith Tabernacle Church’s Institute for Success,and offers nightly seminars featuring powerful keynote speakers, testimonials and deliverance, instrumentalists, one-on-one counseling and more.

The goal of the conference is to help men, women, and children who are being or have been negatively impacted by the absence or abuse of their Earthly father, or other male figure in their life, to embrace the gifts of love, hope, and healing provided by their Heavenly Father.

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