Happy New Year! We’re into the first week of 2017. Many people have established their resolutions. For some, it’s eating better and exercising. For others, it’s starting a new business or becoming debt free. Whatever it is, it takes a certain degree of courage to admit that you have something in your personal and/or professional life that needs to change.

Have the courage to dedicate your steps with discipline and consistency. The sky is truly the limit. For those of us who have come out of abuse, it took courage to say that we were in trouble. It took courage to admit to ourselves that we wanted and needed change. The first step is the hardest and most courageous. It’s the courage to face ourselves in the mirror. We had to do that before we could take the next step of reaching out to others for assistance.

My courage has created a life for me that I NEVER thought possible. I’m a national speaker, trainer, Amazon best selling author, and I’m happily remarried. Had I not taken that first step of courage, I would not be experiencing the positive changes I’m experiencing in my life. And, by faith, humbleness and transparency, I’ve helped other women to do the same.

I had a mentoring session with a young lady yesterday who is a survivor. The things she’s doing with her life are phenomenal, and I’m honored that she feels that I have talents and areas of expertise that are beneficial to her holistic journey. I do not take that for granted. I’m happy that my courage has assisted others in some way to create the changes they want/need in their lives.