I had the honor of being featured in the Community Highlights section with MemphisVoyager. My journey as a business owner, speaker, and advocate actually came out of a place of need in the beginning. The interviewer did a great job of sharing my start, my ‘why’, and my life as an advocate, credentialed speaker, and life and thriving skills coach and consultant.

I offer personal and professional development services in the areas of non-profit advocacy, mental health and wellness, women’s entrepreneurship, DE&I, and domestic violence/forms of abuse. I have some new things on the horizon as well! I invite you to read the entire article here: https://memphisvoyager.com/interview/community-highlights-meet-joyce-kyles-of-joyce-kyles-consulting/?fbclid=IwAR35Dy3qBgzXjF1lZyNSx8n3TXvrcdyUdTIJ187A7nsoNxLbh8b6fF6uUxk