I’m Joyce Kyles

Leadership and Transition Coach

Helping you move from stagnation to solution centered strategies

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

We’ve all experienced the need for guidance at some point in our lives. Just as you seek a professional to build your home or plan a wedding, hiring a coach to support your need to thrive with success is a positive investment.

What are some benefits of coaching?

Establish work/life balance

Balancing the daily routine of work/life balance is often challenging. A coach can guide your approach to establishing and maintaining a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Gain personal/professional clarity

If you’re unsure about your next career move or contemplating decisions regarding love and relationships, coaching is an excellent option to bring clarity to your thoughts.

Discover new/improved leadership styles

Work morale low? Employees feeling a sense of burnout? Feeling overwhelmed? Coaches help you take a deeper dive into self discovery and innovation from within.

Experience thriving/transformative abundance

Transforming your life into that of prosperity and purpose is worth pursuing. Coaching offers the opportunity to think through positive personal and professional perspectives to thrive.

My Approach

My approach to coaching is goal oriented. I am a trustworthy, active listener. I understand the importance of choosing just the right coach to achieve your personal and professional outcomes. Your time and your trust matter to me. I offer you a safe space to be open, transparent, and find the clarity you seek. 

I’m a coach who believes in thriving and transformation. I help to guide your pursuits of strategic action steps with the goal of achieving short and long-term sustainability and purpose.

Allow ME to be YOUR coach to hire and refer!

Take the Leap

Do it afraid. Do it unsure. Make the commitment to being coached in a safe space. If you’re ready to explore clarity and thrive, I’m ready to take the journey with you.


Choose a coaching plan

Explore the best option for yourself and/or your team. You and every referral will experience his/her unique, customized experience. No two are the same because no people are exactly alike. 

Reach your goals

This is your opportunity to be strategic and intentional about your definition of success. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with a goal oriented coach focused on a solution centered action plan.

Leadership & Transitional Coaching

(6) 90-Minute Sessions
Pre/Post Assessments
Customized Coaching Packet
Resource Materials





“Joyce is a very intentional and thoughtful coach. She asked the right questions which made me think and reflect on how I would implement the goals I wanted to achieve.  Joyce was prepared, offered valuable resources, tools and references for me to get started. 

I have made great strides towards my goals.  I highly recommend Joyce Kyles as both a coach and consultant. I appreciate the seed she has sown and I am certain you will walk away with a better perspective on how to achieve what you want to do.” –

Paris Ducker

CEO/EAA , Coach

I have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by Joyce Kyles for over 10 years. Joyce has been diligent in assisting me with the tools and strategies that I needed to activate in order to move from the place of stagnation where she found me. I most favor Joyce because she is honest, transparent, and vulnerable in the way that she develops a framework for your growth by using her own narrative as the catalyst to facilitate that change.

Witnessing the many successes that Joyce has accomplished and yet continues to is evidence of her character, tireless effort, and strong work ethic. I would highly recommend this integrity-driven professional as she, Joyce Kyles, embodies everything one would desire as one seeking her expertise. 

Marie Thomas

CEO, AVision

“My Experience with Mrs. Joyce was exponentially exceptional.  In meeting her, I was terrified at becoming a civilian again. However with the new found knowledge she provided, I feel confident and comfortable that I’ll not only live but thrive through this new chapter in my life.”

Dre Hobson

Soldier - Kaiserslautern, Germany, US Army

My commitment is to provide you with quality coaching in a safe space without judgment. I want to gain and maintain your trust as we explore ways to reach your personal and professional goals. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

– Joyce Kyles –